In early 2016, a group of Scout Leaders came together to talk about what was going well with their current Scouting units and where there were opportunities for improvement.  After months of discussion and consideration, they decided to join together to establish a new choice for Scouting, with a focus on “First Principals”.  After consultation with a new Charter Organization, we partnered with the Board and Congregation of First Baptist Church Ashland.  They blessed us with their sponsorship and in January of 2017, Scouting at First Baptist Church Ashland was established.


Scouting begins with  "Cub Scouts" (first through fifth grade) which introduces them and their family to this "game with a purpose".  We then build on those first experiences of fun and teamwork to continue to challenge them to grow to ever increasing heights and achievements.

Our vision is for our upper program to be Scout led and Adult Leader mentored, with a focus on accountability and respect.  We seek to challenge our Scouts to grow into leaders while honoring the traditional skills; together with the latest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  We believe the BSA Scout program is the most robust, fully developed, and most fully supported Scouting program today, one which the whole family can participate in.  We have seen the positive results and often amazing transformation a robust and energetically delivered Scouting program can achieve.


While we are mindful of today’s contemporary program requirements and standards, we also honor “First Principals”.  True mastery of skills instead of familiarity; the space to safely fail, be mentored and encouraged to try again; recognition and celebration of growth and strength of character; the challenge of true survival and pioneering skills for when nature and the world throws its worst at you; and the cultivation of reverence of God and a servants heart.  These are the “Timeless Values” cherished by all good Citizens regardless of gender, religion or ethnic background.


As adult leaders, we rise to the challenge and of making a difference in our Scout youth’s lives for good, with a focus on positive growth into amazing adult leaders.  At all times we strive to be positive role models for our Scouts.


As our Cub Scouts grow up , they tie knots and apply them to real world problems, practice first aid and lifesaving; live survival and pioneering skills, hiking and backpacking (central themes along with aquatics and canoeing); we go camping each month, we cook on open wood fires; we perform conservation and service projects, we participate in STEM opportunities, and serve our community by striving to live the Scout Oath every day.  We hike into camp with our backpacks instead of riding in; we take the high road less traveled in search of excellence and amazing life experiences.


If you are looking for a “Skill Focused” Scouting experience, you’ve found us!  We extend a warm welcome for you to visit us at any of our regularly scheduled meetings!


We can’t wait to have fun with you!